Here you will find personal stories and memories in relation to certain artists and bands. It is not so much reviews as it is personal stories. Even though reviews does appear.
I write whatever I feel like, no matter the expression.
It should be seen more as appreciation for the art of music created by musicians than personal opinions that does not really matter.

The reason why I make this is because I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude towards the musicians I find talented or that I have fond memories of or because of. Music has enriched and enhanced my life so much, so expressing my appreciation is the least I could do in return.

Some say that the world is ending. That the pandemic is only going to get worse.
That there will be a war very soon. Some of them being quite reliable sources.
I do not know, I do not care.
What I do care about is people who made life worthwhile.
No matter when or how it ends.

All the content is in English.